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88 theses are under consideration, 65 of them are under consideration of the National Council

Under consideration of Scientific councils [23]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
DH Dental implant placement in posterior edentulous maxillamedicine 25.05.2017
14.00.21 - Stomatology
D A comparative imaging study of aneurysms in Willis’ polygonmedicine 26.05.2017
14.00.19 - Medical Imagistics
D Surgical treatment of spontaneous supratentorial intracerebral hemorrhagemedicine 26.05.2017
14.00.28 - Neurosurgery
D Seate health surveillance population in conditions of application of pesticides in agriculturEmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.07 - Hygiene
D Improving financial management system in higher education institutionseconomics 02.06.2017
08.00.10 - Finance; Monetary Economics; Credit
under consideration Scientific councils [] [23]

Under consideration of NCAA [65]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
DH Сlinical morphology of the vasculonervous apparatus of the thoracic aortamedicine 24.05.2017
14.00.02 - Human Anatomy
D In vitro antifungal activity of remedies of biological and chemical origin against some causative agents of mycosesmedicine 24.05.2017
03.00.07 - Microbiology
D Reconstructive surgery of the carotid arteries in patients with constituted ischemic strokemedicine 23.05.2017
14.00.13 - Neurology
D The early diagnosis and modern treatment of Age-Related Macular Degenerationmedicine 23.05.2017
14.00.08 - Ophthalmology
D "Development of entrepreneurial activity in Republic of Moldovaeconomics 23.05.2017
08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
under consideration of NCAA [] [65]